Ireland’s Easter Rising was preceded by a cultural revolution in which The Abbey Theatre was founded “to bring upon the stage the deeper emotions of Ireland”. The rebellion itself was led by a group that included many poets.


It’s a rare gathering of poets visiting from Ireland as well as some who reside in New York, CualaNYC Poets and Patriots. This extraordinary evening will feature poems and songs from Plunkett, MacDonagh, Pearse, Connolly, Ledwidge and Yeats as well as American poets such as Whitman, Kilmer and Moore, and lesser-known poets such as Maeve Cavanagh who were part of Ireland’s cultural revival. Poems from Heaney, Montague and Muldoon will also be featured.

On the centenary of the Rising, in which New York played an important role, this extraordinary evening will feature Irish and American poems of the past century. With poets Louis de Paor, Theo Dorgan, Eamon Grennan, Paul Muldoon, Leanne O’Sullivan, Connie Roberts and musicians Susan McKeown and The Murphy Beds.

Curated by Eamon Grennan and Susan McKeown.

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