Welcome to CualaNYC Women’s Shebeen, the first event of CualaNYC, New York City’s first annual festival of Irish Culture. We invite you to join us in person or online – live streaming from The Heyman Center for the Humanities at Columbia University from 6:15PM EST.

We invited Irish writer Eimear McBride to send us some thoughts or memories about her time growing up in Ireland and she wrote this beautiful essay:


By Eimear McBride

Tubbercurry was pretty grim in the nineteen eighties. There were high levels of unemployment and immigration and we children spent a lot of time tramping about in the industrial waste of derelict factories or sifting through the discarded jewellery cases that heaped up outside one of the few remaining ones. We spent quite a lot of time fighting over territory too and while I didn’t much care for the ‘haunted’ house, with the bullet holes in the back bedroom wall from the Black and Tans, I did go tooth and nail for the long-abandoned stretch of railway track that had once connected the west of Ireland to itself. Really it was a place of unparalleled excellence being both wildly overgrown and utterly repellent to anyone beyond the age of twelve. You could climb up the inside of its bridges and kick loose stones down on unwelcome pursuers or lure the unwary to areas between its tracks where they would suddenly find themselves hip deep in slime. My friends and I spent many hours down there pretending to speak French, playing ‘Robin Hood with Rabies’ and waiting for the Virgin Mary to appear to us. Nowadays all of the surrounding fields have been covered with hideous bungalows of course, but I wonder if the tree with the best sticks for walloping the recalcitrance out of imaginary sinners still stands.


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